LIfe is a constant improvement of yourself.


Jeyla Askari-Nasirova – psychologist, psychotherapist. I completed my Bachelor degree with honours in psychology at Baku State University in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2013 I began my graduate study in psychotherapy at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. Since 2017 I am a member of Austrian Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Studies (ÖAS). During the last 6 years I am working in my private practice and also in Sigmund Freud Outpatient Clinic in Vienna. I also offer individual psychotherapy and coaching via Skype.


In my practice I am using a systemic approach in psychotherapy, which is also called systemic family psychotherapy. Systemic psychotherapists work with families, couples and also with individuals. This kind of psychotherapy is suitable for people who need help with all kinds of personal and social problems.

Advantages of systemic psychotherapy:

• it is short-termed;
• type, extent and duration are determined individually and can vary from client to client, depending on their goals and desires;
• it will destroy internal blockades caused by past or present experience;
• it will help to strengthen and develop your inner abilities and experience, identify your strengths and weaknesses;
• it will teach to better understand yourself and other people around you;
• it will help to develop ways to solve your problems, be able to abandon bad habits and improve your communication skills.


Systemic psychotherapy is not focused on finding a cause of a problem, but solving it. Often, a new look at the problem is enough to solve it, no matter how difficult it may seem.


Resources are our external (family, friends, colleagues, the environment, etc.) and internal (own values and abilities) strengths that we have in order to cope with emerging problems in our daily lives. During systemic psychotherapy process individual resources will be identified and developed.


Individual psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy – also called “talking therapy” – is the process of solving psychological problems trough client-therapist interaction with the help of special psychotherapeutic techniques and methods. It is an opportunity to listen to yourself, understand yourself, deal with difficulties and problems and jointly find the best solution to these problems for you.

Individual coaching.

Coaching is a highly motivating and inspiring way to support someone in order to develop. The difference between coaching and psychotherapy is that coaching is a direct impact on activation of your personal resources with immediate improvement of effectiveness and achievement of the result. Individual coaching is aimed to improve the life of clients in the professional and personal sphere.

It provides a basis for improving personal leadership skills and increasing individual productivity, works with the present and is aimed to build the future. Although it can be therapeutic in its effect, it is not therapy or counselling.


People seek psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons, not necessarily for diagnosable problems. Sometimes a crisis has arisen in your life could create a number of difficult issues. Quite often difficulty that has been ignored for many years suddenly presents itself as an obstacle to moving on.
Life is what brings most of the people to seek psychotherapeutic help; they often find themselves at a crossroad in their life where they need a helping hand to the next stage. Below are some of the more possible reasons for seeking professional help:

Relations problems
• In the family
• With closed ones
• At work
Personal Problems
• Dissatisfaction with yourself or with life
• Low self-esteem
Fears and phobias
• Worries
• Fears
• Panic attacs
Crises/stressful situations
• Crisis in relations
• Age crises
• Difficult life situations
Tense emotional states
• Depression
• Apathy
• Sleep disturbances
• Irritability
Socio-cultural problems
• Adaptation
• Change of life roles
• Social isolation



You- are the main and leading figure in the psychotherapy process. The mission of the psychotherapist is to direct, suggest other possible ways to solve the problem and create a reliable and trustful atmosphere in which you can be yourself. Before deciding on the starting of psychotherapy, you should ask yourself one important question: “Am I ready to change something in myself or in my life?” Because, an effectiveness of psychotherapy depends first of all on how ready you are to change, work on yourself and your problems. At the beginning of our teamwork we will discuss your needs and expectations. At our meetings, we will work towards creating solutions for your specific situation by applying specific methods used in systemic therapy.


During the coaching I will only help you to activate your abilities and develop awareness. Human’s potential has no limits and the coach helps to open this potential. Person knows himself and his difficulties much better than any therapist or consultant, and could help himself better and more effectively. Coaching does not advise, teach or influence; it help to identify your concrete needs for development, and them to clarify what you can achieve, identify your own resources and opportunities for overcoming difficulties on the chosen path. I will support your personal development and achievement of your goals.


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